Sunday, March 18, 2012

CRT Trio Played At The Castello Plan March 15th

Roy Nathanson (sax,voc) - Sam  - Curtis Fowlkes (tb,voc)- Tim Kiah (b,voc)
The CRT Trio played at The Castello Plan   Goodnight, Irene" or "Irene, Goodnight," is a 20th century American folk standard, written in 3/4 time, first recorded by American blues musician Huddie 'Lead Belly' Ledbetter in 1932.
The lyrics tell of the singer's troubled past with his love, Irene, and express his sadness and frustration. Several verses make explicit references to suicidal fantasies, most famously in the line "sometimes I take a great notion to jump in the river and drown," which was the inspiration for the 1964 Ken Kesey novel Sometimes a Great Notion. photo:George Struk

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